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Sleep is the backbone of health. Without sleep and deep rest, we all struggle to function optimally.

Yet, in many industrialised western countries, sleep gets swept under the blanket. It can often be seen as a waste of time, an un-necessary indulgence. I have even heard "sleep is for wimps".

The prevalence of generalised sleeplessness and insomnia is worryingly high here in the UK and yet sleep services and sleep education are hard to come across.

I argue that getting sufficient sleep is an unofficial human right and that without it, most of us experience poor health. Interestingly, from my experience, it seems to be taboo to complain of sleeplessness, almost like it is a sign of weakness. Yet, most of us would not hesitate to see our GP if we had flu or a throat infection for example.

It is my aim for Sleep Wales to continue as a vehicle for sleep education and overall sleep improvement for individuals and organisations. Through implementing hard psychology (modern evidence-based theories and solutions) and softer psychology (ancient science that has been applied for hundreds of years such as buddhism, yoga and meditative techniques), I support the client to reconnect with their innate 'on-off' switch which leads to a healthy balance of wakefulness and sleep.